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You know the drill.

Kauai living isn't all rainbows and waterfalls

From the perspective of your vehicle, the reality is a constant and vicious blow that is unparallel to any other environment. This has every car owner anxiously dreading the day they'll wake up to a proverbial Island Car is sitting in their driveway.


We see them everywhere; the ones with peeling paint, foggy headlights, water etching and tough stains from our unique red dirt. 


Needless to say, car owners on Kauai have been burdened with what seemed like an unavoidable situation that results in massive losses in resale value and a tarnished driving experience

Lucky for them, HiTide Protective Coating SystemsTM provide the only service that is truly adapted to environmental conditions and driver lifestyle.


Finally, a solution that is designed prevent heartache and save you thousands in depreciation and restorations!

Hard Facts.

Meet the Culprits

The recipe for a successful solution always begins with a deep understanding of what you're up againts. 

Safe to say, we've done our homework

The diligence and data collection that went behind the development of HiTide Protective Coating SystemsTM has provided us key insights on the environmental "Culprits" that are responsible for chewing away at vehicles.


Here are the non-negotiable, Hard-Facts of what island living means for your vehicle:

Hawaii's environment is 300% harder on cars than our neighbors on the mainland! 

A single year of exposure to the Kauaian sun is equivalent to an average 3 full years on the mainland US. You can thank that blistering UV index for destroying your paint faster than you can pay off your car loan.

With soil rich in iron oxide, Kauai's 

RED DIRT brings a blow from the very ground you drive on. With this shine-killer, you can forget your miracle car wash soap because red dirt stains go deep into surfaces and can leave permanent staining. 

Water may be the source of life but its also the source of stubborn mineral deposits. With a higher-than-average mineral content, our tap water on Kauai is one of the leading causes of surface damage. Water is not awlays your friend.

Throw in the sea spray, bird bombs and beach crawling, and you start to see why regular car care methods don't measure up on Kauai.

A Tough Pill To Swallow.

 A reality you can't afford to ignore

It's not all about shine and novelty.

Protection, in our books, is about preserving the driver experience as well as retaining value..


To ignore the warnings of the destructive nature of  our environment means having to face the music when the downward spiral takes hold.  The results weigh will heavy on your wallet with either thousands required on a paint job and replacement parts, or the massive losses in depreciation cutting into your trade in or resale value.

For all of you left-brained, logic-and-reason-natured drivers, you'll appreciate what inaction vs. true protection looks like in numbers.

Step into a new playground

The Game is Rigged.

Common car care practices are misleading.


Even the most invested of car owners who've dedicated time, energy and diligently searched for miracle-products are baffled to see their vehicle’s finish inevitably slip away.

With this kind of insight, you might start telling yourself "Damned if you do and dammed if you don't",  but there's one lesson to be learned in all of this:

Long term protection and jaw-dropping results don't come in a bottle;  You can't count on over simplified solutions to address complex problems

HiTide Protective Coating SystemsTM  rely solely on proprietary processes and formulas because we know that the needs of drivers on Kauai exceeds the industry standards.

The Pain ends here.

Experience relief with The Coated Life

A jaw dropping finish that stands the test of time begins with HiTide Protective Coating SystemsTM.


Our proprietary process provides peace-of-mind protection, the highest degree of shine and will turn bath time for your car into an absolute breeze.

Obviously, not-so-obvious.

Why Adapted Protection Matters.

The idea of protection is a complex task that has continuously been oversimplified. The results are always the same; short lived, underperforming products that leave car owners driving with a false sense of protection


The main reason why every solution is destined to fall short of their claims is their lack of consideration of their users lifestyle and the range environmental conditions that vehicles face.

Real-life product performance is widely dependent on three factors: 

  1. The Environment: what conditions your vehicle faces

  2. The Surfaces: your vehicle is made up of a variety of surfaces; each need specific attention

  3. The Driver Profile: annual mileage and the other habits that  make up your unique profile.

 When manufacturers and installers ignore these factors, they leave drivers with one-size-fits-all solutions that not only contradicts the important principles of protection– it defies logic!

Adapted Protection means that every HiTide Coating SystemsTM we've designed takes into account these key factors to provide a tailored solution that you can count for every mile and adventure.

That's why the only true protection, is Adapted Protection.

Welcome to The Coated Life.

We've got your back

With a HiTide Protective Coating SystemTM the road doesn’t end at the application.


 You'll instantly gain access to The Coated Life Membership which provides mobile and in shop support, exclusive rates & discounts on our complete line of services and products.


More importantly, The Coated Life means we got your covered:

In-House Warranty

100% Accountability with no third-party-non-sense


Semi-Annual Inspections

We keep and eye on things; Never drive with a false sense of protection

Flexible Aftercare Options

Mobile Maintenance Plans or HiTide Product Line and support for the DIYers

No matter what your lifestyle, HiTide provides solutions that transform the notion of car care into convenient, simple and safe options for every driver.

Much More Than Just Protection.

For the Love of Shine

New car, used car, ANY car.

HiTide Protective Coating SystemsTM aren’t just reserved for new cars. Any vehicle that hasn’t yet suffered irreversible paint damage, such as clear coat failure, can benefit from our service.


As a matter of fact, some of the most jaw dropping transformations come from cars that have seen better days.


Thanks to our expertise in paint and surface reconditioning, car owners not only receive the benefits of our protective coatings, they receive unimaginable restorations that propel their vehicle’s appearance beyond anything they’ve experienced.


For the Love of Shine

Classic and show car owners also turn to HiTide.  Our experience and mastery of the craft of paint restoration and refinement provides these owners with a service they can trust for handling their sometimes priceless collectibles. 

Win back your Sunday

Protection and shine aside, our coatings provide unmatched water and dirt repelling properties. This means your vehicle will stay cleaner much longer and thanks to our aftercare line of products, will reduce cleaning time by more than half.

How is this possible, you ask? 


The secret lies in our use of rinse-less polymers, AKA soap that doesn't need to be rinsed off. All Coated Life Members get a complimentary set of our aftercare products along with a crash course and best practices that will make cleaning their coated vehicles an absolute breeze.

The Experience.

Convenience & transparency 

Every HiTide Protective Coating SystemTM  begins with you.


Following a pain-free, over the phone consultation, we’ll be able to build your vehicle’s profile and  you with Coating System proposals that fit your needs.


Our application process takes on average 24h and once you’ve selected your Coating System, we will find the date that works best for you.


We make things even EASIER


No need to bother your other half or friends for a ride– we offer a courtesy vehicle! It’s as easy as dropping off and getting on your way.


Come your appointment date, a technician will greet you and perform your vehicle’s intake.


You will also receive video updates throughout the day to demonstrate our progress through the decontamination, polishing and application phases to give you key insights on our process.


Once the application is complete, your new coating system will be registered with Carfax’s national database and we will coordinate with you a pick up time.


Upon delivery, you will be invited into our facility for a walk through of your vehicle under our professional lighting; a stunning experience!


We will provide you with guidelines, the do’s-and-don'ts and set a follow-up appointment within 5-7 days. The purpose of the follow-up is to perform a final inspection of your coating system, hand you your first round of our complimentary aftercare products and give you a crash course on how to use them. 


It doesn’t end here!


Once you’ve entered The Coated Life, you will receive automated reminders every 6 months for your complimentary inspection. Keeping a close eye on your coating system is our way of making sure you're getting the protection you paid for! 


Coated vehicles also have access to our exclusive maintenance programs and save 20% on standard detailing rates.

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