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HiTide Auto Coating Systems // Dealership Series

We've designed auto protection services that increase revenues and provide unmatched customer experience - No compromise.

The writing 's on the wall

The trends you can't afford to ignore

Auto dealers are faced with a growingly competitive market where consumer demand is pushing for a high value, convenient and custom sales experience. This puts a squeeze on dealerships to find creative solutions to evolve with the market, and ultimately reach their incentives and maintain growth. With the national average car ownership lasting 10 years, dealerships need to provide consumers with attractive and valuable options to increase ticket prices with each interaction.

Car buyers have high standards and expectations, especially when buying a new car.
The focus should be placed on service and lasting customer experience.

- Worth Group

Untapped Opportunities

Are you reaping your share?

The customizations available both through manufacturers and aftermarket retailers are endless. Consumers spend more on their cars than ever before and a vehicle no longer represents a means of transportation; it's a synergetic expansion of our personal brand.The emotional attachment of drivers with their vehicles along with the desire of preserving their experience and investment can be seeen in  auto protection industry which is now valued at $24 billion dollars with steady 10% year-over-growth*.

The auto protection industry was valued at  

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