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The main reason why most cleaning services underdeliver is because service providers are oblivious to what they're facing.


When we created RES3T we approached the process by factoring in the 3 primary categories of contaminants commonly found on vehicles;


  1. Organic

  2. Inorganic

  3. Synthetic

This led to the development of proprietary formulas specifically designed to safely neutralize, emulsify and remove each type of contaminant through a 4 stage process. 


Stage 1: Suspension: emulsification of soils and organic contaminants

Stage 2: Iron Extraction: dissolving of brake dust, and fallout.

Stage 3: MetaMin Soak: dissolving of inorganic mineral and metal contaminants

Stage 4: Mechanical Extraction: removal of bonded contaminants

The purpose of this is process is to guarantee all surfaces are free of impurities and therefore allow maximum adhesion of our surface protection serums. The proof of our results will be in the shine as well as in silky-smooth finish.

Because it's science.


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