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The Science of Clean

Welcome to a new age.

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, we need to adjust our perspective. Let's start by asking ourselves:

Why do we even bother cleaning our cars? 

Survey Says the reason we choose to add Clean the car  to our already packed to-do list boils down to two common objectives.







Restoring your vehicle to it's former glory

Your vehicle has taken a turn for the worse. Weeks, months and perhaps years have gone by since it received some love. It's time to roll up the sleeves and get serious!

Preserving your driving experience and your vehicle's curb appeal.

Being that cars account for the second biggest purchase most people will ever make, the desire to nurture your vehicle is logical. Sure,  being a responsible car owner and wanting to preserve your purchase is admirable, but let's not kid ourselves; who doesn't like the look and feel of a clean car! 

Regardless of which objective you have, one thing is certain; we've all been mislead on how to truly achieve these results.


You've been underserved.

Welcome to the Circle of Diminishing returns. 

Car soap and water only provide superficial cleaning.

Start Here !

Accelerated deterioration tarnish your vehicles finish and curb appeal

Superficial cleaning means over 75% stubborn contaminants are untouched.

Stubborn contaminants promote accelerated deterioration.

Enter the rat race  of diminishing returns. You keep the same old habits and your car gains momentum in a downward spiral.

To say the least, it was clear to us early on that the industry standard of automatic car washes, DIY products and detailing services were missing the mark. That's why we jumped ship on the status quo of car cleaning and created a service that answered to the needs of car owners by means of a scientific approach. That's when The Science of Clean was born.


Because it's more than just dirt.

To the average driver, a dirty car means one thing: a car covered in dirt. If that sounds redundant to you, good! It means it's time to dig a little deeper.

We created our cleaning system by factoring in the 3 primary categories of contaminants commonly found on vehicles;

  • Organic

  • Inorganic

This led to the development location specific proprietary formulas specifically designed to safely neutralize, emulsify and remove each type of contaminant through a 4 stage process. 

  • Stage 1: Suspension: emulsification of soils and organic contaminants

  • Stage 2: Iron Extraction: dissolving of brake dust, and fallout.

  • Stage 3: MetaMin Soak: dissolving of inorganic mineral and metal contaminants

  • Stage 4: Mechanical Extraction: removal of bonded contaminants

The purpose of this is process is to guarantee all surfaces are free of impurities and therefore allow maximum adhesion of our surface protection serums. The proof of our results will be in the shine as well as in silky-smooth finish.

More Than Shine: It's science.

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