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The best detailing service ever designed

Professional Auto Detailing Built For The 21st Century -Right At Your Door


We are not a Mobile Car wash


We are value retention experts

Our automotive expertise, proprietary technology & sustainability initiative have allowed us to create the most advanced process. We’ve packed it into a simple and convenient world class service. 

Find out why we chose to innovate

Res3T - Professional Detailing Service

Supercharged Cleaning With Zero Footprint

Introducing the world's first Air Powered Detailing System

Why RES3T is the wisest choice over

traditional car wash options.

Value, Chemistry & The Love of Shine

No B.S. Pricing App

We've created a  pricing 

algorithm that guarantees pinpoint accuracy; prices are generated based on your vehicle's

square footage.

Plain and simple.

The Science Of Clean

Our proprietary formulas were designed to eliminate all island-born impurities that most consumer products just can't tackle. Unmatched results & efficiency

Wax Boards, Not Cars.

Our process preserves and even restores your vehicle's surfaces, and leaves the smoothest finish, shine & protection that lasts up to 9x longer than wax.

The strongest return on investment. 

Find out how much you'll save with RES3T 

Professional Interior Car Detaling Service

Yes, we do 

interior detailing 


Add our interior cleaning system to your RES3T appointment for a comprehensive service.

Eco friendly proprietary formulas, with zero VOC that provide a deep clean that's safe for your ride, and your health. 

Eco Friendly Car Professional detailing service-14ACA8327013.PNG

Our Detailing & Ceramic Coating Systems have been designed to rely  on eco-friendly & biodegradable products. We support efforts towards the preservation of our Kauai & the safety  of our community. 

Waterless Professional Car Detailing Service


We've created the world's first air powered Auto Detailing System; pure cleaning power with reliance on zero water. This convenient mobile detailing service doesn't leave a mess or contaminate  your property.

Professional Mobile Detailing Service

Our service doesn't interrupt your day-to-day. We come to you!

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