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Expressing Gratitude and Sharing Exciting Updates: You're Part of Our Success!

As we expand and strive to provide even better services, I'm thrilled to announce some exciting updates. We have recently moved to a new facility at 951 Kipuni Way, Unit D Kapaa. This move will allow us to expand our services and provide our guests with a more immersive experience.

Here's a quick tour of what is a work in progress- As they say, "Rome wasn't built in day". We'll definitely keep you posted on the improvements as they roll out.


And then, we were two.

Alongside our new location, I've brought on an incredible human being to what I can now officially call, The Team! This has allowed me to meet and increase our operational capabilities in order to answer to the influx of new customers and keep providing an exceptional experience and service for our growing client list.

Meet Leialoha: Diehard surfer, loving mother

and rapidly evolving car care expert with an

insatiable thirst for knowledge and growth.


You are an integral part of our success story.

I like to remind myself to take a second to look back at the trajectory of this project that I can now call a company. I go through the successes and failures that came with developing our products and services, the soul-searching trials at branding (and re-re-re-branding) and the anxiety that came with having to relocate time and time again. I recognize that resilience, perseverance and an unrelenting belief in a dream have allowed me to navigate this path, but beyond the proverbial grind, my commitment to the people who put their trust in our process equally fueled a strong flame within me.

Providing the highest customer experience has been always been vital to me and to this company. I believe that's what sets us apart. Sure, the innovation, the results and the service are achievements I'm extremely proud of, but the relationships I've built with our clients is what brings me the most content. I firmly believe that our clients are our best brand ambassadors, and that aiming to provide a stellar experience is what has played the greatest role in our growth.


58% of our new clients come to us after being referred by clients just like you.


Your recommendation and referrals are invaluable to us, and we genuinely appreciate any efforts you can make to promote our services. Whether it's sharing your positive experiences with family, friends, or colleagues, leaving a review on our website or social media platforms, or engaging with our posts, your support will help us reach a wider audience and make a lasting impact.

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